The Lone Star Weimaraner Club invites you and your best gray friends to Retriever Training Days!

The date has been set! LSWC is hosting a Retriever Ratings Test in Sunnyvale, TX, on May 18, 2014!

Cabin Fever has set in. Your dog wants something to do, and has energy to spare. Does your Weim love to play, swim, stalk, run, jump, bring or chase tennis balls? Then you have the makings for a Retrieving Dog Title! Come to our Retriever Training Days!


  •   All individual attention for you and your dog.

  •   No prior experience necessary! All levels of training available NRD, RD and RDX.

  •   Gain a greater friendship, respect, heightened teamwork, and closeness with your dog.

  •   Teach your dog something that may save his life by developing a good, solid recall when necessary.

  •   Earn a Weimaraner Club of America title to add to you and your dog’s accomplishments.

  •   Develop a greater love of the outdoors.

  •   Fresh air. Exercise. Photo opportunities.

  •   Lake swimming (for your dog).

  •   Meet people who love their dogs as much as you do.

  •   Training sessions will be held on the actual test grounds.


  •   There are none! THINGS YOU WILL NEED:

  •   A reasonably good recall. If your dog won’t come when called, we can help.

  •   A desire to learn. Patience.

  •   A leather or plastic collar and a long leash or check cord. We’ll have examples to show you, this does not need to be expensive!

  •   Gloves, waterproof boots and a whistle (optional, but encouraged).

  •   Dog stuff you may want handy: crate, stake out, water bowls, first aid, towels, treats or reward toys.


Birds: Quail and pigeons, $5.00 each, ducks, $10.00 each. Don’t worry! We do our best to reuse and restrain costs. We will also use bumpers.

Training dates and times will be emailed to those who have an interest. We will hold at least 2 training sessions per month until the trial. Dates are flexible! They will also soon be posted on our website and Facebook page.

PLEASE LET US KNOW if you are interested and wish to attend, so we can be prepared to help you! You must contact Michele McDonald or Cindi Williams at least 24-48 hours prior to established dates. We can then send you directions, more information, and answer any questions you may have. SIGN UP NOW! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AND YOUR GRAY FRIENDS!