Puppy Buyers' Check List

The following are MINIMUM STANDARDS to look for to help insure that you are purchasing a HEALTHY, QUALITY pet from a RESPONSIBLE BREEDER. 


1.  AGE

Puppies must be at least seven weeks old to be sold.  Puppies separated too young may develop behavior problems such as biting, nervousness and problems adjusting to other dogs.  Puppies under the age of four weeks should not be handled by visitors, as the risk of disease to unvaccinated puppies is very high.  A breeder who will allow you to handle puppies under the age of four weeks is not knowledgeable or responsible.


Hip dysphasia (HD) is a malformation of the ball and socket in the dog's hip.  Weims are very susceptible to HD.  Pain and severity vary.  Expensive surgery or euthanasia may be recommended.  Avoid HD by purchasing from a breeder who provides copies of OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Certification for both parents of your pup.  The more generations of OFA Certified dogs behind your pup (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents), the better your chances of avoiding this inherited condition.  Increasingly, inherited eve problems such as extra rows of eyelashes that irritate the cornea, are appearing in Weimaraners.  Question the breeder & have your vet check for eye problems.


The Breeder should provide you with a WRITTEN HEALTH RECORD and WRITTEN GUARANTEE, certifying that your pup has received a Parvo and Distemper vaccination, and has been wormed.  The WRITTEN GUARANTEE should state that you will receive a refund if your vet finds that the puppy is not healthy within 72 hours from date of purchase.  Take your pup to YOUR VET immediately for a "new puppy check up".  If the puppy is not healthy, return it to the breeder and demand your money back.  If the breeder does not cooperate, take them to court.  Buying a sick puppy from a careless or ignorant breeder, only helps keep them in business so they can produce more sick puppies.


Puppies should be raised INSIDE the home.  They should be clean, no fleas or ticks, no weepy or crusty eves, no messy rear ends. No herniated navels (outie belly-button).  Males should have both testicles.  Tails should be docked and dewclaws removed when the puppies are 3-4 days old.


Puppies should have been well socialized with people.  They should be active, playful curious and friendly.  Avoid buying a puppy that runs and hides from you or one that bites and appears overly aggressive.  A responsible breeder breeds for QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.  If a breeder has an large number of dogs, that breeder obviously does not have the welfare of the breed as a priority.  Temperament sociability, and over-all quality suffer when a breeder keeps a large number dogs.


The sire and dam must be two years old or older to be OFA Certified free of hip dysplasia.  The adult dogs should be clean, healthy and free of allergies and skin irritations, friendly toward people, not overly shy, aggressive or high-strung.  The breeder should provide a photo of the sire if he is not on the premises and a four generation pedigree of the puppy.  Puppies grow up to be very much like their parents, so be sure you like what you see.


Do not buy from a pet store, puppy mill or dog broker (someone selling puppies for someone else).  You must go to the breeder’s home to view the mother and puppies - not a parking lot. You must inspect where the puppies are kept and raised.  Do not buy from a breeder who breeds so his kids can witness "the miracle of birth" or so the female "can have one litter before she is fixed" or from a breeder who is trying to make some extra money.  Do not buy from a breeder who sells more than one breed of dog.  Females should not be bred more than once every two years.  A responsible breeder breeds only to produce puppies of excellent quality and to improve on the qualities of the sire and dam in temperament, structure, trainability and hunting ability.  A responsible breeder is knowledgeable and shows deep love and concern for each puppy.  Ask the breeder if he will take the dog back at any time during the dog's life, should your circumstances prevent you from keeping the dog.  If they hesitate, or say no, don't buy a puppy from them.


In the north Texas area, expect to pay $800.00 and up for a quality Weimaraner puppy from a responsible breeder.  There should be no difference in price for a male or female. If you are interested in show, field trials or obedience, purchase your puppy from a breeder who has a credible record of winning in the area of your interest.  If a breeder claims to have "Champions" and that their dogs have "Titles", ask to see ribbons, trophies and photos as proof of their claims.  Expect to pay $1,000.00 and up for a puppy that is a show prospect.  "Bargain priced" Weimaraners may prove more costly in the long run due to health & temperament problems resulting from poor care and hereditary conditions.


A.   AKC REGISTRATION   The breeder should provide you with the AKC registration application for your puppy.  DO NOT BUY FROM A BREEDER WHO PROMISES TO SEND THE PAPERS AT A LATER DATE.  They seldom do, and you might get cheated.

B.   OFA CERTIFICATION   This should appear on the AKC Registration Application.  IF IT DOES NOT APPEAR THERE, THE PARENTS HAVE NOT BEEN CERTIFIED TO BE CLEAR OF HIP DYSPLASIA!!   The breeder should provide copies of OFA Certification of BOTH parents.

C.   WRITTEN HEALTH RECORD   This should be given by the breeder and should include vaccination and worming records. (See #3 above)

D.  WRITTEN HEALTH GUARANTEE   The breeder should give a written guarantee that you can get your money back within 72 hours if your vet declares your puppy to be unhealthy.   Quality breeders may also guarantee that they will replace a puppy within two years if congenital disorders develop.

E.  PEDIGREES   The breeder should provide copies of a four generation pedigree for the puppy.