Weimaraners are very special canine friends!

While Weimaraners are very beautiful dogs and are growing in popularity with the American public, this breed may not be the best choice for your family or lifestyle.  Weimaraners are high energy, highly intelligent, hunting dogs that demand very close companionship with humans.  They can be very willful, destructive and disruptive when not properly trained exercised, and incorporated into family life.  

Young Weimaraners are not suitable pets for apartment living and are generally too large and rambunctious for families with very small children.  We urge you to carefully research the characteristics of this breed and spend time socializing with Weimaraners before making the decision to purchase a puppy or acquire an adult dog.

  • Dog ownership is a commitment of 10-15 years.  Are you ready, willing and able to bring a Weimaraner into your life and home?  

  • Are you willing to commit the necessary time, money and attention to owning a Weimaraner for the next 10-15 years?  

  • Most breeders you may contact through newspaper ads and on the internet, are interested in one thing...YOUR MONEY!  Once you pay for your puppy or adult dog, you are on your own.

  • Please do not purchase any pet from a pet store, flea market or puppy mill.  Doing so can be a heartbreaking decision.  Unfortunately, these animals are often ill and may cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in veterinary bills.  Many have temperament problems that may never be overcome, and could prove dangerous to your friends and family members.   

  • If you would like a referral to a reputable breeder who is interested in the QUALITY of the puppies they raise, rather than the QUANTITY they can sell, please contact us at:  info@lonestarweimclub.com